A healthy, resilient and gender equal Eswatini, guided by positive and informed men & boys


Mentoring men and boys as allies for gender equality, social justice and well-being

Strategic Focus

Founded in 2012, Kwakha Indvodza (“Building a Man”) is Eswatini’s first male mentoring organization. We specialize in community-led health and behavior change interventions with men and boys. Since 2012, our activities have been focused on KI’s 3 Pillars, namely: Male Health, Financial Independence and Social Responsibility

The Strategic Objectives

The KI Senior Management Team identified the following Strategic Objectives which were
then reviewed and approved by the KI Board of Directors. These were developed from insights
gathered during the SWOT and STEEPLE analysis process and identified as:

1. Strategic Objective 1: Expand evidence-informed programmes for
men and boys
2. Strategic Objective 2: Become a national leader in advocacy and
lobbying on social issues and legal reform
3. Strategic Objective 3: Recognised as “Thought Leaders” on
masculinity issues and research, nationally and regionally.
4. Strategic Objective 4: Achieve financial sustainability and growth
5. Strategic Objective 5: Strengthen Kwakha Indvodza’s institutional
capacity and structure