The GBV and Economic Strengthening Community of Practice is a collaborative platform for reflection on gender and power relations, as well as GBV risk mitigation, where members from the gender, GBV, and economic strengthening sectors engage. The community of practice’s main goal is to reduce the risk of gender-based violence as a result of economic strengthening or women economic empowerment programs, with a focus on risk reduction and do no harm. This is accomplished through establishing connections, sharing best practices, and developing new information in order to promote a professional practice domain. Interaction takes place periodically through in-person meetings, virtual meetings, and contributions to a shared repository of resources on the subject. The repository stores, local and regional researches, legislation, presentations reports etc. The emphasis is community-driven approaches, rather than to-down approaches, using peer to peer approach to finding solutions. Greater care is given to ensure that the CoP is sustainable, locally driven and fit-purpose and not require ring major investment of either financial or human resources.

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