Kwakha Indvodza Supports Pastor Bakhe


Calling the Good Men of Swaziland

Press Statement in response to the Times Swaziland story entitled: ‘The 2 Sides of Pastor Bakhe’s (front page and pg8), dated 12.04.17

Kwakha Indvodza, Swaziland’s male mentoring organization, fully supports Pastor Bakhe Dlamini in celebrating his duties as a father, as a husband, as a representative of all good men and a man of God.

Strict gender roles and social expectations which deny a man an active role in the house and in child-rearing are harmful at every level of society. In today’s world, where men and women share the bread-winning responsibilities and where it is common for women to have successful careers, it is unrealistic to also expect a woman to also commit herself to all the domestic and child care work in the home while she is already tired from a daily work.

We believe that interaction with positive, gender-equal male role models is vital for a child’s healthy upbringing and eventual success in life. Men must take an active role in raising their children with love thus we respect Pastor Dlamini’s right as a father to have a close and loving relationship with his children. Without positive male father-figures, be it biological, adoptive or surrogate, we risk raising the next generation without an understanding of what really matters, or of what it really means to be a man.

Studies from around the world indicate that men who take an active role in domestic duties and child-raising are more likely to be happier, more successful at work, and more faithful at home. Even more importantly, the children of these men are found to also be happier, more successful in school and their early careers and less likely to drop out, fail, abuse alcohol or illegal substances, commit suicide or commit a crime.

We believe that, as fathers, we are accountable to ourselves, our families, and our society and to God for the position of influence given to us. We believe that every father wants to see his children succeed, wants to see them lead a better life and that we should be involved in realizing this dream.

We should not be offering Pastor Bakhe criticism or our prayers, but celebrating him as a positive role model and as a man we can all aspire towards in our own lives.