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sustainability for agriculture, health, education and environment

The Foundation

sahee funds projects aiming at improving the living conditions of underprivileged people in Swaziland and in Peru in a sustainable way. The politically and denominationally neutral foundation was established in 2006.


sahee means sustainability for agriculture, health, education and environment.

sahee carefully selects its local partners and strives for a long-term cooperation with them. Partners are either regional organisations that are locally well integrated or local groups launching a development project.

sahee supports projects having a limited duration.

sahee promotes rather small projects that envision autonomous continuation – and possibly expansion – by the beneficiaries.

sahee evaluates the supported projects at regular intervals.

sahee follows the principles and recommendations of the «Swiss Foundations Code 2009» and is a member of the umbrella association SwissFoundations.

Managing Director

Cyril E. Alther, anthropologist

For more information on sahee funded projects, including others in Swaziland, please visit

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