Men Engage Network Swaziland

Formed in 2011, the MenEngage Swaziland network is a national network of non-governmental organizations, government departments, development agencies, para-statals and community based organizations involved in supporting men and boys in taking action to promote gender equality, preventing HIV, promoting human rights and reducing violence at all levels across the country. The network uses a human rights framework to achieve gender equality.

The current chair of the network is the Swaziland Action Group against abuse, responsible for the management of the network. Network membership consists of community based organizations, civil society organizations, government institutions, development partners and individuals working with boys and men in HIV and AIDS, gender based violence (GBV) and sexual reproductive health rights.

The steering committee membership is drawn from the following organizations:

2. PSI
4. FHI 360
5. Gender Unit
7. Kwakha Indvodza

Together we collaborate, share ideas, funding opportunities, best practice policy and other networking opportunities in engaging men and boys towards gender equality in Swaziland. We see:

“A society of responsible men and women, boys and girls who enjoy freedom from oppression; equal opportunities and a realization of their full potential.”

Click here to find out more about the project and its affiliation with the international network, the Men Engage Alliance

or here to see our most recent activities on Facebook.

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