To donate, please click donate to your right. All online Kwakha Indvodza donations are channeled through our partner organisation, Kaiizen Foundation.

We believe that we can do a HUGE amount, with even the smallest contributions.

Neither the Director, Mentors or Board receive personal gain or remuneration or expenses for their involvement in the project. Everyone gives their time, patience and expertise freely.

We believe in partners, not donors. We need funds to operate, yes, but we really want you involved in the Project!

Come and facilitate a workshop, sponsor an outing or organize a fundraiser. There are many ways to help out.

Over 90% of any contribution is spent directly on positive mentoring activities

With less than R600, we can organize and run a meaningful, community-building activity for 15 young men, providing materials, equipment and lunch.

With R1875, we can organize a Kwakha Challenge Day for up to 45 Indvos and their mentors. Previous  Kwakha Challenges have included a First-aid crash course, excursions to nature reserves and painting the local primary school.

Any and all donations will be gratefully received!

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