Kwakha Indvodza came about after Tom Churchyard, a local teacher, conducted a series of study skills workshops with sponsored students at the Moya Centre, Swaziland. He was surprised at the reactions of the boys to his relaxed and informal presence and further alarmed to discover that many of these boys might not come into regular contact with another positive male influence.

And so, in September 2012, he gathered together 18 willing men and together they came up with a plan: to focus on the men.

In a country which endorses polygamy, where gender-based violence is common-place and women’s rights are often ignored, we believe that women’s empowerment groups can only do so much. We must complement them with a focus on the source of many social problems: men.

Kwakha Indvodza, Swaziland’s first male mentoring project, was born.

KI has been conducting three meetings a month ever since. We are now registered as a not-for-profit company and have an advisory board of six prominent men and women who manage the project. We have the blessing of government, the local MP, Marwick Khumalo, as well as traditional leadership through the local Umpakatsi and Inkhundla.

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