First Aid Training

Thanks to Nosmilo and Whole Sum Living Group for their kind support of Kwakha’s young men.

Last Saturday, 30 Indvos were lucky enough to receive an introduction to First Aid training from our vibrant, knowledgeable instructor, Nosmilo Dlamini. The boys had a great time learning anatomy, CPR and wound dressing and the Indvos loved the possibility of being heroes in an emergency situation. Each Indvo received their own gloves and mouth-piece should that time come and they even had an effect on their instructor, who left glowing. She had this to say:

‘It was our greatest pleasure and honour to be granted such an amazing
opportunity to train the boys.

I was recalling when I was at home: The manner in which at some points,
their eyes were wide opened, sparkled with interest, absorbing the
information. It was such a wonderful experience that enriched me more than I expected.

You know the fulfilling feeling of generously giving to people without
expecting anything in return. I was also positively impacted. I forsee
myself in the future partnering with your Mentoring Programme in areas where I can.’

Thank you Nosy and thanks to the very kind Whole Sum Living Group who have since donated three Full First Aid Courses to our Mentoring team, so that they might be able to attend to their Indvos, should the occasion arise.

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