Mahlanya Fun Day – Saturday 5th October

Come one, come all!

To celebrate one year of Kwakha Indvodza activities and showcase some of the talents of our fine young men, we are proud to present the Mahlanya Fun Day, scheduled for Saturday 5th October 2013, on the field next to the Moya Centre.

Come along and share some food, watch some of our entertainment, share a story, a poem, dance and sing. Play football? Join a team in Mahlayna and compete for glory at in the 7-a-side football competition!

Who’s the fastest man in Mahlanya? We’ll find this out on the day too!

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate with us and support the young men of Mahlanya on their journey to greatness.

Stay tuned for more info!

See you there!

Drugs Workshop teaches some hard truths…

Thanks Toby and Florence for a frank, inspiring and educational day!

Thanks to those who turned up last week for the Kwakha Group meeting led by Toby Allison and Dr Florence. It was a great opportunity to hear Toby’s first-hand account of his life and how drugs have affected him. The Indvos (and the mentors!) all took something away from his harrowing, amazing and at times wickedly funny anecdotes. This was followed by a chat from Dr Florence Anabwani, from the Baylor Clinic, who hammered home the real effects of drug abuse on the body, particularly on the young and those who want to start a family.

After these meetings and a communal lunch, we met for a planning session on the upcoming Mahlanya Day, which is provisionally planned for October 5th 2013. This weekend will also celebrate one full year of Kwakha Indvodza and the majority of the planning for this day will be Indvo-led, allowing the boys to show the community what fine young men they have become and are aspiring to be.

It promises to be a very special meeting and one not to be missed! In order to plan this special event, we will be following the rota below throughout September:

Goodbye and Good Luck Bobby!

We have recently, and abruptly, said goodbye to one our all-star Mentors, Bobby Macaulay, who has gone back to Scotland to vie for a job with the BBC. For those of us who could understand him, Bobby was an integral part of the establishment of Kwakha Indvodza and right from the very first planning meeting (one year ago this weekend), he has been a vital inspiration to me and a positive role model to the Cheetahs and the Indvos as a whole. He is a good man and we wish him luck. Keep in touch, Big Mac!

Drugs Workshop this Saturday 07th September

Ever wondered how addictive some substances might be?
Ever been pressured into taking something? Or tempted by it?

Wondered if it’s all just hype?

What does a ‘high’ feel like? How long does it last? What about the ‘come-down’?

If you have such questions, then this Saturday at 10am, we are organizing a Full Kwakha Indvodza meeting of all Indvos and Mentors at the Moya Centre, Mahlanya, for a talk on drug and substance abuse by an expert and medical professionals. Come along for a full and frank discussion and get the answers to the questions that you’ve always been afraid to ask.

For our regular Indvos, this talk will be followed by some planning for the Mahlanya Day, which is provisionally scheduled for 28th

September and for which the Lions have already taken the lead.

See you there!